Olive oil and obesity


L’huile d’olive & l’obésité

Olive oil distinguishes itself by its high biological value as it is rich in calories like other fats (9 kilocalories per gram). Hence, it is commonly admitted that its regular consumption increases the risk to suffer from obesity. Despite this opinion, reality showed that mediterraneans, known to be those who consume the most olive oil, suffer the less from obesity.

Comparing a diet based on olive oil with different types of diets conventionally followed to lose weight, it was shown that weight loss wasn’t only higher with a diet that doesn’t interdict olive oil consumption, but the result lasts longer which mean that the weight is stabilized. Tolerance is also greater thanks to the pleasant flavor of olive oil which favors the consumption of green vegetables.

German and Austrian researchers carried out an experiment to evaluate the ‘sating’ effect of different fats (butter, rapeseed oil, etc.). People who ate 500 g of yogurt flavored with olive oil every day for three months have remained thinner than those who consumed other fats. Olive oil revealed an “appetite suppressant effect” superior to other fats.

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